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Ultra #90 is posted.

Kristen, your part is due when it's done.

Your administrator for Ultra is Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne.

[ Season Nine ]
episodes authors queue

Ep [84] Under New Management
Ep [85] There Is No Cheating When ...
Ep [86] That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling
Ep [87] UltraREBOOT 5.0
Ep [88] The Beginning of the End
Ep [89] Dawn of Destruction
Ep [90] Yaoi is the Ultra of the Future

Kurt Markuson
David Schwager
Kerry Stump (4) and Rift
ColdFury (4)
Zach (2) and Greyson Towler (3)
Kerry Stump(5) + Various
Delfina (2)

Kristen Smirnov (3)

  The Beta Tourney (prequel to ULTRA) is now available at...
The Ultimate Codex of Twoflowerian Fiction

[Archived Seasons]
episodes - Season Seven authors   episodes - Season Eight authors
[63] Jack Attack!
[64] The Scent of Conflict
[65] Actions have Consequences?
[66] Close Calls & Phone Calls
[67] UltraREBOOT 3.0
[68] Oh, the Humanity of it All
[69] Uprisings and Upsets
[70] Cinco de Mayhem
[71] Die, Ultra, DIE!
[72] UltraRage Eta
Grayson Towler
Kristen Smirnov(2)
Jeff Petersen (3)
Christopher Angel
This Old Dojo III
  Ep [73] 73% Lean USDA Choice ...
Ep [74] Divinity in the 'Hood
Ep [75] Going Undercover
Ep [76] World of Pain
Ep [77] Treachery, Tags, Taps, ...
Ep [78] UltraREBOOT 4.0
Ep [79] Aftermaths and Altercations
Ep [80] Everything You Always ...
Ep [81] The Episode Without a Name
Ep [82] Episode 82
Ep [83] UltraRage THETA
Lurker (4)
Zach Grafton
Grayson Towler (2)
Shachihoko (4)
Kerry Stump (3)
episodes - Season Five authors   episodes - Season Six authors
[42] Life, the Ultradome, and Everything
[43] Heaven, Hell and the Bottom Line
[44] Saturday Nights and Lambda ...
[45] Lots of People Hurting Each Other
[46] Substitutions, Showmanship, and ...
[47] UltraREBOOT 1.0
[48] Ladies Night! ^_~
[49] Psychic Networking
[50] Golden Anniversary
[51] Paradigm Prelude
[52] UltraRage Epsilon
Kristen Smirnov
Steven Scougall
Jeff Petersen (2)
This Old Dojo
This Old Dojo II
Shachihoko (2)
ColdFury (2)
" " "
  [53] Booking With the Enemy
[54] Being Imperfectly Blunt
[55] Revenge; Lukewarm
[56] When the going gets tough...
[57] UltraREBOOT 2.0
[58] Clones, Cards, and Diamond Rings
[59] Seasons Beatings!
[60] New Year's Retributions
[61] Pre-Rage Panic!
[62] UltraRage Zeta
Brian Stricklin(4)
Kerry Stump(2)
Team Impro
Lawrence Chu
Wanderer X
episodes - Season Three authors   episodes - Season Four authors
[22] Mayhem, Madness, and ...
[23] Slobberknocker Sunday!
[24] Monday Morning Hangovers!
[25] The Hits Just Keep on Coming
[26] Things Can Always Get Worse
[27] Halloween Hardcore
[28] Epicalypse
[29] the countdown begins
[30] Rumble On High
[31] UltraRage GAMMA
Eternal Lost Lurker
Geoffrey Tebbetts
Kate Malloy
Jesse Ellman
John Evans (2)
Twoflower (4)
  [32] Millennium Mayhem!
[33] Fine, Sweet and Tasty
[34] [textonly] The Court of Miracles
[35] Broken, Bruised, and Bleeding ...
[36] Friends, Enemies, and Pesky ...
[37] ImproBooking in Action!
[38] We're Getting the Band Back ...
[39] Missing Persons!
[40] Let's Get Ready to Rumble
[41] UltraRage DELTA
Brian Stricklin (3)
Scott Jamison
E. Lost Lurker (2)
K. Stump+Various
Gaijin Dan Mastriani
episodes - Season One authors   episodes - Season Two authors

[1] Ultra Battle to Commence!!
[2] Friday Night Mayhem!
[3] The Black Serpent Strikes!
[4] Let's get this show on the road!
[5] Tuesday Night CHAOS!!!
[6] The Incredibly Long Episode!
[7] The Horribly Delayed Episode!
[8] Monday Night Controversy!
[9] Mankillers in Miniskirts!
[10] Sunday Evening Blasphemy
[11] UltraRage ALPHA

Jay Ramsperger
John Evans
Aaron Peori
Chris McNeil / AP
Sean Gaffney / 2F
Brian Stricklin
Twoflower (2)
   [12] Paid Vacation?
[13] And we're back!
[14] ........
[15] So Happy It's Thursday
[16] That Old Black Serpent
[17] Sunday Night's Alright
[18] Wednesday Night Confusion!
[19] Tokyo Trouble!
[20] Toys and Big Boys
[21] UltraRage BETA
Yun Cheolsu
Todd Harper
Harris Bias
Eric Jones
Brian Stricklin (2)
Sean Givan
Twoflower (3)
Season One, Season Two, Season Three in ZIPped format
fanart omake,,,singles

UltraRage Delta's Winners (Poster) by Kristen Smirnov
Mai/Tifa vs. Naga/Shermie Fanart Contest Entry,
   by Kristen Smirnov
Hiroshi vs. Lilith Fanart Contest Entry, by Terence
Iori vs. Yohko Fanart Contest Entry, by Phil Kwok
Wolverine vs. Ken Fanart Contest Entry, by Ben Overmyer
Ultra #34 artwork ([1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]) by Kristen Smirnov
Yohko/Iori, CyberGrrlz, Tifa/Bean, by Phil Kwok
UltraRage Gamma Poster w/Sephiroth, by Kristen Smirnov
James (in Fuku), by Kristen Smirnov
Hiroshi and Rei, by Kristen Smirnov
Wolverine, by Myth
Morrigan and Tifa, by Kristen Smirnov
MegaMan and Sephiroth, by Kristen Smirnov
Tifa Lockheart and Bean Bandit, by Kristen Smirnov
Stone Cold Dan Hibiki and Sakura
, by Danny Valentini (Otakon '99)
The Official UltraRage ALPHA Poster by Twoflower
The Official UltraRage BETA Poster by Twoflower

Ultra's Opening Theme
"ULTRA", by KMFDM (RealAudio)

"Script Trip" by Dynamicsodaman
"Proving Grounds" by Yann
"Ultra Violence" by Stephica
"Survival in the Clouds" by Jesse Ellman
"Les Taunterables" by Jesse Ellman
"A Very Ultra Christmas", by various authors
"The Bride Brawl!" by Twoflower
"Vengeance in Pink" by Wandering Tso
"Badly Plotted Pre-Tournament Scene" (Lina vs. Orochi) by Neovid and ex!le
"Goku vs. Orochi! The Super Awesome Battle!" by Dan Mastriani
"Smiling Evil Death" by Chris McNeil
"Up on the Roof" by Scott Jamison
"Night of the Dragons" by Blake Blackwing
"The return of Kcaj" by Lone Wolf
"It's All About the Violence" Filksong by Yun Cheolsu
"The Dark, Bottomless Well" by W4
"Returning to the Fold" by W4
"Thicker Than Water" by Kristen Smirnov
"To Entice a Shell" by Adrian Tymes
"Unnatural Selections" by Scott K. Jamison
"Unbroken" by Black Wyvern of Armorica
"The Street Fighter vs. The Demon" by Bogue
"Team Rocket vs. Hammer and Anvil" by Jed Blue

omake ...series

"Ultra vs. WWF" (Part One, Two) by Twoflower
"Lagniappe" (Part One, Two, Three, Four) by A.o.D.


Ultra Team Clow Booking FAQ, by Scott Schimmel
Booker's Guide to Dan Hibiki, by SaikyoKun
Ultra Fighters FAQ, by Tim Miller
Bastard!! Spell Grimoire (zipped) by Darshu
Editorial: A Long, Mildly Contrarian Analysis by Kerry Stump
A Brief Analysis of Gally in MTCFF Ultra by Jeff Petersen
Ultra Sports Entertainment Glossary by Anonymous and 2f
Booker Training 101 by Twoflower


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