Location:  Omega Contestant Containment Housing Facility.  Room 12, Block 3.  The Orochi Suite.

    Shermie was lounging in her Lord's suite.  Over the past few weeks, she had effectively made the place her own and was really beginning to feel at home here.  She didn't need to worry about what the Orochi thought, because it didn't really have any need for creature comforts or even living space.  In fact, the herald of the void hadn't so much as stepped into the quarters provided to it, since it had more pressing matters in the ring, at its temple, or other less savory locations.

    To be honest, she didn't mind her lord's "transformation" to its current state of existence.  She thought that the Orochibi manifestation was much cuter, and reminded her of the old Chris that she missed so much.  She sighed as she hugged an Orochibi doll that she'd picked up earlier.  It was life sized and so *CUTE* that she couldn't stand it.  She squealed with delight as she clutched the doll tight.  If only the real Orochibi wasn't such a grouch.

    Shermie gasped suddenly as she felt Yashiro approach the room, she stuffed the cute little doll under one of the pillows of the bed she was reclining on and acted *very* innocently.  Yashiro was almost as bad as Orochibi, in a way.   He couldn't stand to see her fawn over the multiverse's cutest godling the way she did. He wasn't much fun, either, now that she thought about it.

    There was a brief rattling at the door, as though Yashiro was having some problems with the key.  Shermie huffed indignantly, why did he always have to manhandle everything he got his paws on?

    "Come in, Yashiro, the door is not locked!" she called out.

    The door swung open slowly as she turned to grab her shoes.  It was getting late and she was feeling a bit peckish.

    "So where are you taking me to eat tonight, hmm?  I haven't eaten at all today!" lied Shermie.  There was an empty pint of hagen-daaz lying on the couch in front of the TV.  "You really should take better care of me, the Lord of Nothing wouldn't like it if I were to waste away, you know."

    "So much for a last meal, huh?" replied a raspy whisper.

    Ryuji Yamazaki closed the door behind him as Shermie whirled around.  He was grinning like the madman he was, and the look on his face told Shermie all that she needed to know.

    Yamazaki stood there almost casually with his right hand deep in a pocket.  Instead of the usual manic glint that was in his eyes, there was nothing.  No, not nothing, there was death in his eyes.

    Suddenly, all thoughts of food, Yashiro, or Orochibi left Shermie's pretty head.  Now was the time for desperate struggling.  Wait... perhaps she shouldn't forget the Orochibi just yet.  A look of grim determination was on her face as she sidled towards the bed and reached under a cushion.

    "Save me Orochibi!" She cried as she threw the startlingly lifelike plush doll at Yamazaki.

    "AHHHHH!!" cried Ryuji as he ducked the exceedingly cute projectile.

   He was instantly made aware of his folly when the doll did nothing more than hit the door behind him with a soft thunk.  He looked up just in time to see Shermie rushing at him, her arms out stretched.  With but a flick of his wrist, Yamazaki sent Shermie flying back across the room.  He was rewarded with a shriek as she landed awkwardly on her face.  Yes indeed, the Snake Arm was an old favorite of his.  As Shermie slowly got up, he took the moment to do a little taunting.  Sure, he wasn't getting paid to do this, but it felt too right to pass up this opportunity.

    "Silly little girl, don't you know I'm the one who got the Snake's cunning?" he asked rhetorically, "Although, I do have to admit, that was a cute ploy of yours.  I'd like to play longer, but my employer wants you to bleed, so, without further ado, let's get started, hmm?"

    Ryuji pulled his right hand free from his pocket.  In that hand was a two foot long dagger, the judgement dagger, as he liked to call it.  Shermie's eyes were focused on nothing but that blade as the maniacal hit man stalked towards her.

Perhaps to be continued?