1. This is a moderated story. That means that Twoflower (said moderator) has final say in all matters regarding Ultra, and will be working closely with the authors rather than just posting files. Lasseiz-faire (do as you like) will generally be the policy of the day, as overweening control can hurt a good story, but this rule acts as a good backup in case of problems.
  2. Before the end of each season, an application will be posted for authors wanting to sign up for the next season. This will evaluate your booking skills, and good scores combined with observations from other sources (and some luck, since usually we have TONS of apps) will determine your entry.
  3. The default amount of time before a part is due is one week. However, variable extensions are available IF you ask for them before your deadline! Please get in contact with TF as early as possible. Usually extensions are two days, but can be more if it looks like it'll yeild a more complete part (procrastination is not a good reason...) Because deadlines are more flexible than, please don't try to plan on how many weeks it'll be before your part is up...
  4. Fanart, Omake (non-plot binding sidestories), and Non-fiction works can be submitted by e-mail to Please submit no art larger than 250k.


(Any submitted episode not meeting these will be rejected! Not every episode will be checked, but if a reader brings it to my attention...)


  1. Matches are one-on-one fights. To win, knock the opponent unconscious (K.O.). Rings will be standard squared circle, with border ropes -- K.O.s achieved outside the ring will disqualify you, but leaving the ring is permitted. (Leaving the STADIUM will be a disqualification.)
  2. If the current belt-holding Champion is defeated, the belt is transferred to the victor.
  3. However, a fighter CANNOT challenge the current champion until he or she has won at least one fight against someone else.
  4. Challenges can be issued for ownership of the belt, for grudges, or for any reason whatsoever. However, any matches against opponents from other divisions do not count as qualifying matches, and belts cannot be exchanged.
  5. No bladed weapons or firearms may be used. Blunt objects only and energy-type attacks.
  6. 'Special Situation' matches like steel cage matches, inferno matches, 'Hell in a Cell' matches, 'What number am I thinking of', staring contests or whatever are also permissible if both parties agree to them.

OMEGA (Same rules as Gamma, but...) :

  1. Matches take place in a seperate dimension, with landscape varying from fight to fight, for the safety of all spectators.
  2. Anything goes, all holds, all attacks, all weapons, all powers. Knockout win clause still holds.
  3. Destruction of the world and/or universe is a technical foul.

LAMBDA (Same rules as Gamma, but...) :

  1. Tag team rules are in effect. Partners wait just outside the ropes and can swap off with a partner if physically touched. Matches end when the partner inside the ring is knocked out.
  2. If a tag team member is challenged by someone in any division for a one-on-one, no belts can be exchanged.


  1. This is a special belt, open to anybody EXCEPT Omega division fighters. Anybody who defeats the current Hardcore champion can claim the belt and defend it against others.
  2. All fights start in the UltraDome, near the ring, but can migrate to any location after. Knockouts count anywhere.
  3. Any weapon you can find in the UltraDome is valid. No holds are barred and there are no disqualifications, except for getting an illegal assist from another fighter. If the referee sees this, he can disqualify the whole match and no belt is exchanged.


  1. You can write any number of matches, championship or otherwise, as you want. In any division. Include any amount of outside-of-the-ring plot as you want as well. You don't have to write 150k+ or do fanart or anything like that. Nor do you have to have co-authors. Nothing's restricting you from doing any of that, either.

  2. You can only hire or fire ONE fighter/team in your part with moderator approval only. This is to keep plot bloat and character counts at a reasonable size. non-combatative cameos or guest roles, however, are fine (but should not be abused). And of course, you don't have to introduce ANY new characters if you don't want to. ^_^ You must submit a complete outline of your part to the moderator before you get busy in order to recieve the rubber stamp of approval on your hire/fire.

  3. Note Gamma div. rule #3! That means any new fighters you introduce cannot storm right up and win their division's belt in your part. They will need to fight and win around first, and a later author can decide if they deserve the championship.

  4. Keep it real! If you hate a character, and want them to lose a fight, that's okay; but they shouldn't lose pathetically easy to a character that's clearly weaker than them. Make it a long, tough, and highly entertaining battle -- perhaps with an ironic twist or a semi-legal assist from an ally. ^_^ For more plotting suggestions, tune into ECW or WWF on cable. Trust me, it won't hurt that much.

  5. Every 10 or 11 episodes, there will be the UltraRage 'pay per view' event by Twoflower and/or his cronies. If you want to announce match for the PPV please contact him first.
  6. In addition, mid-season might have the UltraREBOOT pay per view event. This is based on a reader-voting tournament. It's only held if the middle authors volunteer to do one, since they are a lot of work.